Family Sketches
& Impressions

Garry Family Vacation

Discoveries about my family A long overdue visit with my husband's family

Life's Fencing

The Joy of Pen & Ink

Sometimes you find
life lessons when and where
you least expect them...
like a fencing center.
Have you ever wondered what inspires artwork? View images & read about them.

Screen Door

Tank Armadillo
& Sin Bootism

In each life come little
lessons which enrich our
lives if we pay attention.
Here are some of mine.
A tale of how one
armadillo found that
life did not have to
be miserable.

50 Years
A Search for Meaning

Zion National
Park - A Retrospective

A snapshot of the
thoughts of a woman at
the advent of her 50th
Reflections of
an "escape" weekend.

The Legend
of the Jackalope

Random Wanderings &
Profound Insights of
Arizona Joe

The true story
of how the Jackalope
came into being.
A brief doggerel
of Arizona Joe's

The Unicorn,
The Lion and The Dragon

The Striped Elephant

The adventures of
Jennifer, a unicorn,
a lion and a dragon.
The Story of
the Striped Elephant
and how it is better
to be yourself.

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