Red Rock Wild Women

The Women Fencers at
Red Rock Fencing Center

Alecz Schmelzle
Amanda Marks
Ava Umanos
Beth Juliar
Canan Korucu
Colleen Curran
Deanna Causey
Diarra Barnes
Dixie Ogas
Ellen Hayes
Emily Bennett
Emily Sheeny
Erin Galyean
Fonda Evans
Gabriella Graham
Hui Feng Wang
Jessica Williams
Katie Lund
Kathleen "Kat" Jaske
Kathy August
Kimberly Carhart
Leona Novio
Libby Garry
Lisa Story
Michele Tayengeo
Michelle Ricciardo
Michelle Shepley
Nicco Marcus
Rachel Brinkley
Sammie Ogas
Stefany Mendoza
Taylor Pugh

Red Rock Wild Women is a self-organizing effort by the female fencers
at Red Rock Fencing Center to encourage female fencers of all ages
and skills to participate in the sport. We want to create a team
spirit and to encourage each other to strive for our best effort and to win,
whatever that means to us individually and as a group.

Click here for a write up about the first ever Red Rock Wild Women Open.

3rd Place Epee
Lisa Story
NV Championship 6-09

Sabre Winners
1st-Kat, 2nd-Sam & 3rd-Libby
NV Championship 6-09

Epee Team
Kimberly, Lisa & Libby
NV Championship 6-09

Sabre Team
Coach Wang, Kat & Sam
NV Championship 6-09

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