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Welcome to my world of miracles. I was 32 years old when I discovered I had some artistic talent. I took an Introduction to Drawing class and fell in love. I ended up going to a two year commercial art school to learn the basics. I was not going to be a starving artist. I got an excellent foundation in a variety of techniques, such as watercolors, pen and ink, pastels, drawing and such. The only thing I felt I was missing was painting. I took a couple of community college courses and felt my repetroire was complete.


I found myself in the world of desktop publishing but my passion was doing two-dimensional drawings and paintings. For my first Christmas out of art school, I put together a calendar for my family and close friends of some of the work I had done. It was during those first couple of years that I took the community college classes to learn painting. It was the third year that I found out that black and white calendars were a lot cheaper to produce. I set myself a goal of doing a pen and ink calendar for Christmas. If nothing else it guaranteed I would be doing at least twelve pieces of artwork a year. My pen and inks are the foundation of my work. They allow me to explore composition and practice my drawing skills. Sometimes when a piece speaks to me and I have to do it in color.


My biggest problem is finding the time to balance doing artwork with all my other passions. As you look at my images you'll find a variety of inspirations. I have been deeply influenced by Asian art, particulary Chinese and Japanese art. From the Chinese I am attracted to their use of colors and symbolizism. Japanese art has strongly influenced me in terms of the design elements and repeating patterns. You'll also find a strong Buddhist theme in some of my work. Mainly because, if I had to claim a religion it would be Buddhism. I find images of Buddha to be calming and the variety of styles is just amazing to me.


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