My Designs for Sale

In order to start living my dream of having my artwork support me,
I have uploaded twelve of my favorite designs to Cafe Press.
You can go to and be able to order a design printed on
almost anything you want. The selection ranges from clothing
to coffee mugs, to stickers and even throw pillows.

Below is the list of links to take you to specific pages to find
the images. The images are all from my calendars. If you have a
favorite and it is not listed below let me know and I can get the
image uploaded to Cafepress for you. Obviously, if you can share
with friends and family I would really appreciate it.
Time to start planning my retirement!

Grinning Dragon


Beware the grinning dragon for you are crunchy
and taste good with ketchup.
The dance of the universe by Shi-Bear

The God Ganesh

Speaking Hand

Proudly wear Ganesh, the remover of obstacles,
wisdom and learning
A pictograph speaks a thousand words
ancient symbols for a modern world.

Celtic Cactus

Tree of Life

Bold tribal fish design Graceful tree of life design.

Tribal Fish


Southwest inspiration with a celtic knot twist Striking Sunflower design.

Zen Dragon Master


Let the zen dragon master led you to enlightenment Southwest design featuring a buffalo motif.

Celtic Circles

Celtic Snowflakes

Let the zen dragon master led you to enlightenment Unique celtic knot snowflakes.

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